Asset Management

The Italian asset management sector has experienced strong expansion in recent years and continued growth is expected in the near future.

However, competition from foreign entities, industry consolidation, product innovation, regulatory evolution, changes in distribution, increased transparency and possible margin pressure are some of the main challenges that Asset Managers face. to face in order to compete better on the market.

In this competitive context, PwC’s Asset Management practice provides multidisciplinary support through a team of specialists with distinctive skills.

The key challenges of the sector


An increasing number of Asset Managers are transforming their operating models in order to optimize processes and increase production efficiency.

PwC is able to provide support in identifying and implementing the operating model that best suits the customer’s needs.


Following strategic growth choices, the Asset Managers can restructure and undertake extraordinary operations (i.e. mergers, demergers, etc.)

PwC is able to provide support in defining the best strategy and in supporting the phases of change.

Risk management

In a context of high volatility and returns to be sought in higher risk asset classes, dynamic risk management becomes an essential element of the investment process.

PwC is able to support Asset Managers in defining new approaches and methods of supervision.


Regulatory changes are increasingly impacting traditional asset managers. Fully understanding emerging regulations can give you a competitive advantage.

PwC is able to provide support in identifying the impacts resulting from the introduction of the new regulations.

Investment advisory

The constant evolution of the asset management sector has meant that institutional investors often resort to specialized professionals for the management of their movable and real estate assets.

PwC is able to support Asset Owners in defining strategic asset allocation choices and monitoring risk and performance.

Ethical investments

The industry has seen significant growth in launching products that deliver sustainable as well as financial returns. The correct declination of ESG principles and their integration in the investment process are key elements for correctly declining these aspects.

PwC is able to provide support in the correct implementation of ESG principles.


The complexity of the tax legislation that applies to companies, products and investors requires specialist support.

PwC is able to offer support to respond effectively to tax needs.